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    It is a romantic telefilm which revolves around three major characters Saman, Sameer and Mahi. Initially, it is seen that Saman and Sameer are engaged but Saman’s choices for her modeling carrier give a wide way to the clashes between them. She leaves Sameer. In her absence Mahi, the protagonist of the telefilm comes closer to Sameer and they both fall in love eventually. A very interesting twist comes when they marry and Saman comes back. Her villainous character reveals when she intrudes their lives and creates trouble. But as the strong love bonds are very hard to crack, she fails consequently…

    Adeel Chaudhry
    Aimen Khan
    Azeeka Danial
    Sami Sani
    Ali Dasewali

    Directed by Tahseen Khan
    Written by : Saira Raza
    Executive Producer : Iqbal Ansari